Spray Coolers

Unique Features

  • Spherical powder particles can be forms with very good consistency in particle size.
  • If first stage is insufficient, a second stage can be used to complete the operation, either by fluid bed cooling or pneumatic conveying.
  • Fine particle products with mean particle size 50-150 micron;co-current conical based cooling chamber with high-speed rotary atomization.
  • Coarse particle products with mean particle size 150-300 micron;conical based cooling chamber with fountain nozzle.


  • Glycerides and Glycols.
  • Waxes
  • Stearates
  • Special encapsulated materials
  • Organic/Inorganic melts
  • Ammonium compounds
  • Emulsifiers

Spray Cooling System

Product Details

Minimum Order Quantity
1 Piece
Capacity (In Tons)
As per client recommendation
Industrial Use
Body Material
Cast Iron. Steel, Stainless Steel

We offer Spray Cooling System. Spray coolers are used to transform a substance in melt form to a rigid or solid state by cooling is called using the process of spray congealing. Using the efficacious methodology of mist/droplet formation used in spray drying technology, and its efficient droplet/air contact enables production spherical particle powder by congealing of melts.

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